Head Council of the Packs

The Head Council is an organization that controls all pack laws and ranks. They decide who makes the Packs, what Pack they are in, and what their rank is. Wolves must consult the Head Alpha (leader of all Pack Wolves) if they wish to have something changed, or added to the Packs.

These wolves are the only members of the Head Council.


Silver pup2

Silver(Blossom Powerpuff/CutePurpleKitty):

A very fierce leader, Silver is a strong and brave wolf. She is kind of a loner and prefers to be left alone at times. She never smiles and loves to take control of others who she thinks are below her. When she was a pup, she got struck by darkness and a dark power grew inside her. As she grows older, the dark powers within her grow stronger...



DarkIce is outgoing, and likes to crack a joke once in a while. She is very strong and powerful so make sure not to get in her way. She is also said to be the god of shadows, ice, coldness and snow.  She can control them all and is in control during the winter. She has the power to make others shadow move and disapear. She hates the sun because of it's light and warmth.


Seraphina is the deputy of the Head Council. She is the most intelligent and powerful wolf of all time. She controls fire, and sears any wolf though flames that dares to defy the Council and the packs. She is kind among packs, and is understanding. Her three tails are said to have mystic powers, and her ruby-like jewel on her forhead gives her the power to use mind control. It is said that Seraphina is a spirit and that she is the god of fire and flames. She glows like-of an angel.